alt-J: "Breezeblocks"

alt-J: "Breezeblocks"

4 min

Record Label: Infectious Music

Director: Ellis Bahl


Capturing an eerie and filmic quality, Ellis Bahl put a twist on his tale of murder by starting from the end, and then working backwards - quite literally. In true thriller style, there's a great twist. Although Ellis's twist is that the twist is at the end, which is also the beginning. Engaging, absorbing and winning the praise of critics the world over. 

At the centre of his piece is a traumatic battle of the sexes. Ellis creates a hazy atmosphere open to interpretation - especially in his female characters. "I wanted it to be a little vague," says Bahl, "People tend to date people who look the same, at least in my experience. It seemed to be an even split- there were people who thought they were the same woman, people who thought they were both being held captive, and people who saw it the way I did."


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