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5 min

Official video
Music : Piemont
Thanks Carlito Banana for the little dog :)
This video is also the first step of creation of "Fucking Wonderland" vj set by A-li-ce.

Sélection Festival Cinémabrut 2011 /Sélection Festival International du Film d'animation 2011, Moscou

This video is a part of Fucking Wonderland project.

Crazy colored animals, psychedelic animations and magic landscapes : welcome to Fucking Wonderland !

This multi-visuals project, initiated since 2011, is composed of a live video performance, surrounded by drawings and visuals, and music videos.
Each new piece of work feeds and extends this work in progress.
The artist brings the viewer into a strange and personal journey, from wonderland to darker inner emotions, mixing animation and real sequences (analogic and numeric).
The main characters wears animal masks, dance on a rainbow, meet space frogs, and hide themselves in the forest.
But behind these friendly pictures, the artist evoques some questions about reality perceptions and daily life .
These schizophrenic visuals illustrate also our personnal conflicts and crisis, when words are missing to tell the other ones about our inner violence.
Fucking Wonderland was live played at DokFest Festival in november 2012 (De), at Live Performers Meeting (It, 2011), at Batofar (Fr,2011), etc. The drawings have been edited in the japanese visual magazine KUE (october 2012, january 2013, april 2013) and a exhibition is in preparation at the Musée du Manga in Kyoto for 2014.

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