Eye for Ears #1: Anton Mobin

Anton Mobin

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Anton Mobin(fr)

Born in 1979, Anthony Baron lives in Paris and works between Orléans, Lyon and Paris. Anton Mobin's sound activities evolve in two parallel and complementary sound universes: The improvised music and the radio creation.

Starting as a bass player, he turns very fast to an experimental practice The meeting with the collective H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record will be important and decisive in the way to develop the game in group.
Since 2002, Anton Mobin is co-curator of the collective with several artists like; AxDelbor & Denis Mc Carty (founders) and Ayato.
They organize some live events, and specially "Le Grand Foutoir" which is an improvisation game dulled in dices.
In 2009, Anto Mobin starts an unlimited on-line improvisation called IMPRONET. The experience goes on and account 37 sound artists from the whole world.
The improvisations are in free download on the platform ARTE radio.
In may 2009, he creates his own radio show at home, called "A Maïzing session with..." : live improvisation session with guest musicians for the web radio KKWNE.


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