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JLG: "Every edit is a lie." LK: "Every edit must lead to the truth."


I remember an event early in my film making life that taught me the magic of cinema. I was shooting super 8 film. Up until that point I knew cinema only as an experience you have when you went to the theater. I never seriously considered I could make cinema, even when I picked up a super 8 camera and filmed I did not consider it as cinema but more like home movies. One day I decided to edit scenes together and knowing very little about the film making process I edited with a razor blade. I unrolled the film and looked at the frames against the window. The light illuminated the scenes and where I thought it appropriate I cut with the razor and spliced that scene to another scene. I spooled the edited sequence on the plastic bobbin and threaded the film into the projector. The first thing I was enthralled by was that I could see the footage big on the wall. The second thing I noticed were the scratches in the film produced by my rough handling of the celluloid when I edited. The most exciting discovery was when I saw a scene accidentally spliced upside down and realized that the upside down scene subverted the narrative story I was looking for in my "projection room". I had never seen an upside down scene before. This was poetry in my eyes. This is still the thrill I try to re-create with each new film I make.


My films have as few cuts as possible but in order to be able to do that I need to film in a way that maximizes the story telling every time I turn the camera on. When it's turned off and on again a new story begins.


I'll film during the entire 30 hours pre-opening happening at Palais de Tokyo. The story unraveling in front of my camera will be presented as series of unedited scenes. Each scene will be selected by finding one particular starting point in a the footage I shoot and will end when a full arc is reached and Cut... The first Cut will go online at exactly 18:00 Thursday evening. New Cuts will continue to be shown during the entire 30 hours of the happening. I have no idea how many CUTS will constitute the on line happening.


Lech Kowalski

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