A summer with the French kids of Larry Clark

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From 18th July, you can follow the story of the actors and script writer of Larry Clark’s new film (which is taking place in Paris over the summer) in real time, thanks to ARTE Creative new web series “A summer with the French kids of Larry Clark”. 

“Whether they want to go on the roofs, or take a stroll underground, I’ll follow them!” For seven weeks, Thomas Kimmerlin’s filming plans will be based around the work schedule of Théo, Hugo, Diane and Lukas, the four main actors in Larry Clark’s new film project, as well as that of S.C.R.I.B.E., the young poet from Nantes who’s written the script. Over the summer, the filmmaker is working in Paris on “The Smell of Us”, which focuses on the life of skate-loving teenagers.

Thomas Kimmerlin films “A summer with the French kids of Larry Clark”, produced by Darjeeling/Morgane Production, which looks at the adventure of making the film from behind the scenes, thanks to weekly access to the five main lively protagonists and their daily lives. Filmed, edited and broadcast almost in real time, this new web documentary, broken down into 8 episodes of 6 minutes each, will be available on ARTE Creative every Thursday, to follow the progress of “The Smell of Us”. The other challenge: Thomas Kimmerlin is filming it all on his own, with a “relatively light-weight” Canon camera, to ensure the authenticity of his exchanges with the five teenagers. “A summer with the French kids of Larry Clark”, like “The Smell of Us”, gives us an insight into a “small section of the Parisian youth, which refuses to grow up. They’re also more naughty than I was at their age” observes Kimmerlin. “I’m having lots of fun around them”.

A summer with the French kids of Larry Clark (1/8)
A summer with the French kids of Larry Clark (2/8)
A summer with the French kids of Larry Clark (3/8)
A summer with the French kids of Larry Clark (4/8)
A summer with the French kids of Larry Clark (5/8)
A summer with the French kids of Larry Clark (6/8)


Un été avec les kids de Larry Clark 7

5 min



Un été avec les kids de Larry Clark 8

7 min


Thomas Kimmerlin

From watching his grandfather install cinema projectors, Thomas remembers the projectors’ amazing size, the metallic sound of film rolls, the stuffy atmosphere of the projection booth and the light beam piercing through the darkness of the theatre. Magic and technology. Today his work with images revolves around the notion of animism, looking for the soul inside people and things, the living like the inanimate.

• " Timeless America ", (2013)
• " Mighty Nudes Vol.1 ", publication (2013)
• " Seeing Double in Tokyo ", Galerie Vertikall, Lille & 2nd France + Singapore New Generation Artists, General Society Private Banking, French Alliance, Singapore (2010)
• " I hate London ", Galerie Vertikall, Lille (2010)
• " Tokyo – Istanbul : Univers Parallèles ", Bar Parallèle, Lille (2008)

• Bali, Not for Sale (ongoing)
• Jef Aérosol " Chuuuttt !!! " (2011)



• Larry Clark

• S.C.R.I.B.E. on Facebook

• Thomas Kimmerlin on Facebook

• Crowdfunding "The Smell Of Us"

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En 2013, ARTE Creative vous proposait de suivre l'évolution du prochain film de Larry Clark et du jeune poète et scénariste nantais S.C.R.I.B.E. "The Smell of Us", tourné en juillet et août 2013 à Paris, raconte la vie de quatre ados fans de skate : Théo, Hugo, Diane et Lukas. Filmée, montée et diffusée quasi en temps réel, "Un été avec les kids de Larry Clark" est une websérie documentaire de 8x6 mn réalisée par Thomas Kimmerlin. Elle était diffusée chaque jeudi par ARTE Creative, à mesure que "The Smell of Us" se tournait.

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